Requirements for membership

  1. Members of the association can be
    a) any company that deals with the development, design, manufacturing, sales and/or use of formwork,
    b) natural persons who are researchers in the field of construction, design and/or use of formwork.
  2. The Extended Board makes the decisions about the acceptance of applications.
  3. Membership is terminated by resignation or expulsion of a member through liquidation or the initiation of bankruptcy proceedings against its assets. The resignation must be made in writing with 6 months' notice to the end of a business year. An expulsion is allowed if the conditions of membership according to the standing rules are no longer fulfilled or if the member has seriously infringed the standing rules or the rules and guidelines developed by the association. The Extended Board makes the decisions about expulsions.
  4. The members make available all matters relating to the construction, design and use of their formwork to the association. If the requirement criteria for a GSV mark are determined and approved by the extended board, members who offer the relevant products or services are required to acquire the GSV mark.
  5. All members are obliged to promote the association's purpose. Members must comply with the criteria and rules for formwork laid down by the association. In the event of non-compliance, the member has the right to achieve compliance by corrective measures within a reasonable period of time. A demonstrable failure to comply leads to termination of membership.
  6. Members must pay to the association on time the fees and contributions established by the General Meeting.
  7. Every member is obliged to observe the applicable laws and principles of fair competition. Members are forbidden to manufacture or offer formwork that uses products that are merely unfair imitations of the goods of another competitor or violate the trademark rights of competitors in an unlawful manner.
  8. Details are set out in a code of conduct adopted by the General Meeting. Members are obliged to respect the rules of this code of conduct and not to infringe them.
  9. Members in serious breach of the foregoing provisions or the code of conduct may be expelled from the association. Furthermore, admission to the association could be denied if the applicant has committed a serious breach of the above rules or code of conduct.