Objectives of the association


Quality assurance through the GSV quality seal


Informational booklets


Promoting research and development

Conferences, Specialist publications


Promotion of a spirit of partnership between formwork users and suppliers

Committee work in the national and international context

Cooperation with other specialist associations

Experience exchanges between designers and users

Quality assurance

Creation of practical requirement criteria for the inspection of formwork

Awarding the GSV quality seal to formwork that meets these criteria

External monitoring of production and use of certified formwork

Guidelines, informational booklets

GSV guideline “Quality criteria for rental formwork”

GSV instructional booklet “Rental formwork”

GSV guideline “Guideline for granting the GSV quality seal for frame formwork for vertical components” (walls and columns)

GSV guideline “Handling and maintenance instructions for formwork systems”


DIN Deutsches Institut für
Normung e. V.

CEN European Committee for Standardization

GSV Academy

Knowledge transfer

Organiser of the TUD-GSV symposiums at the Technical University of Darmstadt

Co-organiser of the Kassel construction seminar “Formwork”

Participation in construction seminars

Knowledge transfer through in-house training


Research, development

Research projects

Support of dissertations and theses

Support of technical and engineering education


Requirements: companies and individuals who develop, construct, design, distribute, manufacture, market and/or use formwork.

The members make available all matters relating to the construction, design and use of the formwork to the association.


Requirements for membership