Second International Conference on
Formworks and Scaffolds
Darmstadt, Germany, 2015

On 30.09.2015, the 2nd International Conference on Formworks and Scaffolds was held in Darmstadt. The conference was organized by Güteschutzverband Betonschalungen Europa e.V. (GSV) (Concrete Formwork Quality Protection Association) and the Institut für Baubetrieb (Institute of Construction Technologies and Management) of Technische Universität Darmstadt (Prof. Motzko). Over 50 participants from China, Europe, Japan and the United States discussed developments in modern formwork and scaffold technology. A special focus of the conference was placed on the topic of Occupational Health and Safety on construction sites.

Interesting statements from the discussions included:

  • In China, the importance of the construction industry is high. Society recognises the importance of this industry to its own development. Measures for providing occupational health and safety on construction sites are being introduced intensively. The CCMSA (China Construction Metal Structure Association) plays an important role in this area. Companies in the formwork and scaffold area have developed activities in international markets, particularly in the United States and on the Arabian peninsula.
  • In Europe, products in the field of formworks and scaffolds are constantly developed further to improve efficiency, effectiveness and safety. High standards have been developed over decades, and it is important to protect and develop these further. Associations, especially Güteschutzverband Betonschalungen Europa e.V.  (GSV) as well as Bundesverband Gerüstbau e.V. are working very hard in this area and to create international standards.
  • In Japan, the younger generation is turning away from the construction industry. This is creating problems when recruiting new talent. Therefore, it is important to develop programs that motivate young people to take up employment in the construction sector. In addition, new laws on labour and health protection will come into effect in Japan in 2016, which are preoccupying the industry and industrial associations such as ACCESS.
  •  In the United States, the topic of occupational  health and safety on construction sites is consistently important. Many developments are being made in the area of training methods for the staff, especially by the Scaffold & Access Industry Association SAIA. These are distributed via new media and social networks, which is a very modern and new approach.

Prof. Ding Shizhao from Tongji University, Shanghai, was honored at the Conference. Exactly 30 years ago, he successfully completed his doctorate at the Technische Univesität Darmstadt under the supervision of Prof. Heinz Schwarz. The Vice President of the University, Prof. Mira Mezini, honoured Prof. Ding with a honorific speech and a certificate.

The Third International Conference for Formworks and Scaffolds will be held in Tokyo in the autumn of 2016.